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Emporia Charger transformed my daily routine! Reliable.

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Features that Define Gen 2 Vue

  • Comprehensive energy management system for residential and light-commercial use
  • Monitor total energy use and individual circuits for pinpoint accuracy
  • Seamless integration with Emporia Smart Home Energy Management system

Your Home, Your Rules

  • Pair with Emporia Smart Plugs, EV Chargers, Home Battery Systems, and more
  • Automate energy usage based on Time-of-Use, demand charges, and solar generation
  • Harness data-driven insights for ultimate energy efficiency

Smart Home Energy Management

Integrate, Automate, and Control

Peak Demand


Excess Solar

UL and Energy Star Certified


How does it work?
The Gen 2 is typically installed inside of the electrical panel where it will collect system voltage via the wire harness, and amperage/current via the CT's (sensors) connected to the device. The Gen 2 will come with 200A CT's that measure up to 250A for the mains, and 50A CT's (that measure up to 75A) can be added as well to capture branch circuit usage from the circuit lines to each breaker as needed. With those values measured by the Gen 2 - we can provide real-time as well as historical data for all of the circuit usage measured by the device. The Gen 2 samples voltage and measurement channels at approximately 24,000 samples per second. Twice per second, the Gen 2 uses these measurements to calculate root mean square averages for each of the voltage channels, and then intelligently pairs current channels with the correct voltage channel to calculate and report REAL power for each of the 19 CT's in the app.

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Offline Behavior

1.) If the network/internet outage is less than 15 minutes, then the device should have enough on-device memory to be able to store all of its measurements and will be able to upload all of that data when it regains its connection.

2.) If the network/internet outage is longer than 15 minutes, it will continue to monitor your usage, but will lose the ability to save all of its measurement data because of internal memory limitations. In this situation, the device will still monitor your cumulative usage during the outage. Once the connection is regained, it will take the before and after cumulative measurements to get a total amount of usage for the duration of the outage. It will then take that total usage amount and average it over the time period of the outage. This means that the seconds and minutes (and perhaps hourly and above) measurements will have the same values because they are the averaged numbers from during the outage. The cumulative usage total should still be correct.

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CT's/Sensors - How they work?

The Current Transformers (CT's) are the sensors used by the Gen 2 to measure power in real-time. They're filled with a magnetic material called Ferrite that contains special properties that allow us to measure the current flowing through a circuit line or wire. They're split-core, meaning they snap apart at the sensor itself, so they can be clamped directly around the circuit line without requiring you to detach the circuit line or any electrical work.

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Local Device Access

A common question about the functionality of Emporia products is whether or not the data measured from the device is available from the device directly instead of communicating through the Emporia cloud. We've designed our products to be cloud-based, so as of this moment there is no other way to obtain the measurement data than through the Emporia app/cloud services. If you'd like local access to your device and its data, feel free to reach out to the Emporia Customer Support team and mention so.

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