Emporia Products

The Emporia Vue energy monitor is Emporia Energy’s Smart Home Energy Management Solution. The Vue provides 24/7 monitoring to give homeowners insight and peace of mind by preventing costly repairs, making homes more energy efficient, and saving you money in the process!

Other Energy Monitors

Read Emporia’s comparison of energy monitoring systems. For your convenience, the products discussed in this comparison are linked below.

Smart Thermostats

For your convenience, Emporia Energy keeps tabs on the current market for smart thermostats that provide Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of other features to help consumers save money, energy, and carbon over time. Below are the models we think are your best bets.

LED Light Bulbs

Emporia Energy is committed to providing convenience and advancing your energy efficiency efforts. As such, we have curated this Best Bets LED list to help you make the right choice to replace outmoded, costly bulbs.