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Energy Monitors: Theirs and Ours

We believe in full transparency about the energy monitor market and our competition. We know that the Vue isn’t the best fit for everyone, but we believe that monitoring electricity is important. So, we provide the options below. We’ve written a post that includes an easy comparison of the energy monitors available on the market. In the end, we like to think the Emporia Vue is different in that we concentrate on protecting your home’s health and saving you money, which starts by providing you an energy monitor with the most value for the lowest price possible!

Smart Thermostats

For your convenience, Emporia Energy keeps tabs on the current market for smart thermostats that provide Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of other features to help consumers save money, energy, and carbon over time. Below are the models we think are your best bets.

LED Light Bulbs

Emporia Energy is committed to providing convenience and advancing your energy efficiency efforts. As such, we have curated this Best Bets LED list to help you make the right choice to replace outmoded, costly bulbs.

Smart Power Strips and Outlets

Emporia Energy has put together this collection of tested smart power strips to help you choose best in your efforts to prevent vampire loads.