Emporia 48 Amp Level 2 EV Charger with Home Energy Management System

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Emporia Energy

This Energy Management Bundle from Emporia includes an Emporia Level 2 Smart Home EV Charging Station and the Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor. Pairing them unlocks powerful energy management automations that allow you to automatically charge your EV with only excess solar power, curb charging during peak demand, or charge based on your utility’s Time-of-Use off-peak hours.

  • UL CERTIFIED Level 2, 48A, 240V electric vehicle (EV) charging station has flexible amperage settings from 6 to 48 amps. DEFAULT CHARGE RATE IS 40A. WiFi Internet connection is required to choose the right charge rate for your car in the Emporia App. COMPATIBLE WITH ANY EV. Charges any EV up to 9X faster than Level 1 wall outlet charger. The charger comes with a SAE J1772 connector (adapter required for Tesla EVs) and a 24' cable with integrated cable management.
  • CHARGER INSTALLS INDOORS OR OUTDOORS. Your charger will be safe from the elements with a rugged watertight NEMA Type 4 enclosure. Check with your state and local company to see if there are incentives and rebates in your area. CHARGER IS PROTECTED BY A 3-YEAR WARRANTY. HARDWIRED OR PLUGGED INSTALLATION (up to 48A hardwired or up to 40A NEMA Type 14-50P with 22" cable compliant with 2017 NEC Section 625.17(A)(3)). Requires a dual-pole, dedicated breaker at 60A+ for a 48A charge or 50A+ for a 40A charge. A professional electrician is recommended for hardwiring or installing a NEMA Plug.
  • UL CERTIFIED ENERGY MONITOR INSTALLS IN CIRCUIT PANEL of most homes with clamp-on sensors. Supports single-phase up to 240VAC line-neutral; single, split-phase 120/240VAC; and three-phase up to 415Y/240VAC (no Delta). Panels with access only to busbars will need flexible sensors available from Emporia Energy. Includes DIY instructions, though a professional electrician is recommended.
  • 24/7 ENERGY MONITORING: Monitor your home's real power anywhere, anytime to prevent costly repairs, conserve energy, and save costs. Monitor solar / net metering. Light commercial 3 phase option available as a separate bundle. ENERGY MONITOR IS PROTECTED BY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Comes with either sixteen (16), eight (8), or no 50A sensors (depending on the bundle) to accurately monitor your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, range, etc. Gauge real-time spending and get actionable notifications to understand where you can save costs.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR CHARGING TO SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILL: Paring the Emporia EV Charger and the Emporia Vue Energy Monitor unlocks features to automatically charge your EV with only excess solar power, curb charging during peak demand, or charge based on your utility’s Time-of-Use off-peak hours. Monitor energy use, control charging sessions, and schedule charges based on your lifestyle with iPhone / Android / Web Browser app. Requires 2.4 Ghz WiFi with an internet connection.

Check out the Charger Technical Specs | Download the Charger Spec Sheet PDF

Charging Station dimensions:

  • 12.6" x 9" x 3.4" (320mm x 230mm x 86mm)

Charging Gun dimensions:

  • 5.3" x 2.2" (135mm x 56mm)

Check out the Vue Technical Specs | Download the Vue Spec Sheet PDF

Vue energy monitor dimensions:

  • 4.1" x 3.1" x 1.1" (105mm x 80mm x 30mm)

200A sensor dimensions:

  • 2.6" x 1.7" x 1.6" (65mm x 44mm x 41mm)
  • Window diameter: 1" (26mm)
  • Cable length: 39" (1m)
  • Connector plug: 3.5mm

50A sensor dimensions:

  • 1.6" x 0.9" x 1" (41mm x 23mm x 26mm)
  • Window diameter: 0.39" (10mm)
  • Cable length: 39" (1m)
  • Connector plug: 2.5mm