Pollution Reduction Offsets

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Mitigate your carbon impact by purchasing offsets for projects designed to reduce methane from US landfills!  Left uncaptured, methane is a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  Controlled combustion of methane at these landfills reduces climate change potential from this source by over 95%.

All offsets may be tracked using serial numbers supplied to you for each single tonne (2200 pounds) of carbon dioxide.  Select your choice from the following offerings, which make great gifts for family and friends:

  • 1 tonne
    • Offset in line with actual electricity usage from your Vue platform or calculated usage from another source
  • 6 tonnes
    • Offset for average annual  electricity use by one US household
  • 5 tonnes
    • Offset for average annual heating requirement of one US household
  • 7 tonnes
    • Offset for average annual transportation for one US citizen
  • 18 tonnes
    • Offset for annual consumption across all annual needs for an average American