We all want to do our best to fight climate change and preserve our environment for future generations. But what can one household do? Unless we have a crazy commute, the largest carbon footprint we have is our home's energy usage. With 64% of the US' power generation still coming from fossil fuels, there's a lot of impact coming from just powering our daily lives.

It's good to see your usage on the bill at the end of each month, but wouldn't it be nice to see in real time how much power you're using and understand what changes you can make? For example, moving your spikes in power use to off-peak hours can mean that fewer new power plants will have to be built just to serve that 'peak' power load. 

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How does it work?

Install the Emporia Vue on your breaker box and open the free Emporia app to see real-time data on your energy use. Detailed DIY instructions in the box make it a breeze, or you can opt to have your electrician install it. The Vue collects information in real time about the current flowing across the sensors and delivers it via your home's wifi network to your smartphone for a breakdown of electricity use data in the palm of your hand. Click here for more detail.

If you live in California and are a customer of PG&E or SCE, you can just plug our Utility Connect model right into the wall and start collecting data from your utility's smart meter right in the Emporia app.