You've got this handled. You already set up your home as your own personal Batcave. Your blinds open themselves in the morning, your coffee maker brews your favorite blend, your thermostat optimizes the temperature and comfort level by the hour, and in the evening, the lights gently dim for some cozy time at home. 

What did you miss?

A home energy monitor is how you will tie it all together and really be in control of your home. It's the only way to get a real-time picture of how all of your systems are behaving, from the furnace to the dryer, down to the lamps in the living room.

Electricity Breaker Box
Why an Energy Monitor is your Next Smart Home Device 

Introducing Emporia Vue: A Smart Home Energy Management Solution

The World's Best Value Energy Monitor Save Money with Real Time Electricity Data


How does it work?

Install the Emporia Vue on your breaker box and open the free Emporia app to see real-time data on your energy use. Detailed DIY instructions in the box make it a breeze, or you can opt to have your electrician install it. The Vue collects information in real time about the current flowing across the sensors and delivers it via your home's wifi network to your smartphone for a breakdown of electricity use data in the palm of your hand. Click here for more detail.

If you live in California and are a customer of PG&E or SCE, you can just plug our Utility Connect (ZigBee) option right into the wall and start collecting data from your Utility's AMI meter.

Do you want a breakdown by circuit? Easy! just get the option with expansion module and add 8 circuits to track what zones and large appliances are costing you at any moment. Track by the second, minute, hour, or day to know for sure what's going on in your home and how much it costs.