Electriq PowerPod

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Electriq batteries can only be shipped to the US lower 48 states. 
If you need a battery outside the lower 48, please contact us for shipping options.

Store Your Energy for when You Need It!

Store energy from your solar panels, grid power, or a diesel generator with a Home Battery from Emporia. You can store energy from grid during peak times, and then use the stored energy or sell it back to grid in troughs time.

Solar customers qualify for a 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC)!

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  PowerPod 11.4 PowerPod 17.1 PowerPod 22.8
Price: $9,900 $12,400 $14,900
Price After ITC: $7,326 $9,176 $11,026
Battery Capacity: 13.5 kWh 20,2 kWh 27 kWh
Usable Capacity: 11.4 kWh 17.1 kWh 22.8 kWh
Output Power - Continuous: 4 kW 5.5 kW 5.5 kW
Output Power - Instant: 7 kW
Charge Rate: 60 A
Inverter Size: 5.5 kW
Max Solar Per Inverter: 6.5 kW
Coupling: DC
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 C
Compliances:  UL 1741SA, UL 1973, UL 1642, CSA C22.2, IEEE 1547A, IEEE 1547.1, FCC Class B, HECO

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