Indoor Wall-Mounted EV Charger Cable Retractor

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Emporia Energy

The Emporia Indoor Wall- or Ceiling-Mounted EV Charger Cable Retractor for the Emporia EV Charger is the ideal solution for sites that need automatic cable management.

  • Spring loaded tether supports and suspends your charging cable while easily retracting to keep it off the ground. Works perfectly with 20-25mm diameter cables. *EV Charger and cable sold separately*
  • Increase charging safety by keeping your EV charging cable off the ground -- reducing tripping hazards.
  • Simple & easy installation with wall or pedestal mounting options.
  • Prolong the useful life of your charging cable by keeping it off the ground -- reducing cable wear and protecting connectors.
  • Powder-coated steel pedestal extension with enclosed cable management retractor is backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Pull Length: 2.7-3m (8.9-9.8ft) | Pull Strength: 40-50N (9-11.25lbf, 4.1-5.1kgf)